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Lycopodium Powder
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Lycopodium Powder

[Product source] The spores of Lycopodiaceae plants lycopodiaceae, Lycopodiaceae, Alpine flat-branched Lycopodiaceae and Single-spike Lycopodiaceae.
[Latin name] LycopodiumjaponicumThunb. 【 L.c lavatumauct. NonL. 】
[Raw material collection] Between July and September, when the sporangium is not fully mature or not cracked, cut off the spore, dry it on the tarpaulin, shock it, make the spores fall off, and then apply it after sifter.
[Chemical composition] Lycopene (spores) contains about 50% fatty oil. The main components of the oil are Lycopodiumoleicacid (80-86%) and a variety of unsaturated fatty acid glycerides. The spores also contain cellulose (10-15%), Xylan (10%) and sperm protein. Dry spores are fine and loose, powdery. Light yellow, light and non-hygroscopic. When shaken in a container, they are easy to slip off. Specific gravity 1.062, float on the surface of water, and sink when boiled. They float on the surface of chloroform. Good hydrophobic property.
[Item number] 200 items.
[Packaging] 25kg/cardboard bucket or aluminum foil bag.
[Storage conditions] The product shall be sealed from sunlight and stored in a dry, cool and well-ventilated place. It's valid for two years.
[Packing method] The bulk cargo is 25kg/cardboard barrel, the sample package is aluminum foil bag, the net weight of each barrel is 25kg, the diameter is 36cm to 40CM, and the height is about 50CM. The inner package in the barrel can also be changed into small package according to requirements, which is convenient for use.
[Minimum order quantity] 5KG, label according to requirements, if not required, generally according to the company's internal label uniform template paste.

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