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Cherry fruit powder
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Cherry fruit powder

Product Description

Cherry can be used as medicine throughout the body. Fresh fruit has the effects of sweating, qi, dispelling wind, and rash. Cherry is hot and sweet, and has the effects of nourishing qi, strengthening the spleen, relieving the stomach, and removing rheumatism.

Cherry is a high nutritional value of tropical fruit, rich in vitamin C, juice can be up to 1500 content of Vc-4600 mg / 100 g, for the same quality lemon/orange 50-100 times, is the present plantation in all the fruit of the highest content of Vc, and vitamin A, B clan, iron, calcium, good source of sugar. 

Vitamin C is biological oxidation and other metabolic process necessary material, can be used as the free radical scavenging agents. Vitamin C daily intake with the body should be the loss of the oxidation measure conform. Healthy adults about loss every day 3-4% of the vitamin C, in order to maintain minimum 1500 mg demand, daily intake of 60 mg shall be of vitamin C. Rich in natural vitamin C acerola cherry powder, easier to be absorbed by human bodies.

This product adopts the first-class processing technology, a selection of natural green raw material, planting process environmental protection, is not applied with fertilizers and pesticides, retains pure natural quality of the cherry, and the product contents VC in 17% to 25%.


1. The iron content of cherries is particularly high.
2. Cherries are rich in nutrition, have the functions of regulating qi, strengthening spleen and stomach, and removing rheumatism.
3. It is beneficial to loss of appetite, indigestion and rheumatism.
4. Frequent consumption of cherries can keep your face beautiful, make the skin rosy and tender, and remove wrinkles and spots.
5. Indigestion, paralysis, rheumatism, waist and leg pain, weak constitution, and lack of complexion are suitable for consumption.


1. Applied in the pharmaceutical field do medicine raw material.

2. Applied in the health care product field.

3. Applied in the food field.

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